In the wake of so many other successful online ventures, BFM launches A&R Radio for www.HiphopBusinessBlog.com. A&R Radio is a live interview series that gets the inside word straight from the mouth of music pros, A&R's, and music execs to give independent artists more knowledge and inspiration.

1st up is an exclusive interview with Dan Herman, CEO of Chinga Chang Records. The interview is sounds more like two friends having a casual conversation about music. A laid-back, Dan speaks unfiltered about a variety of topics:

· Origin of Chinga Chang Records?
· The point in his life he decided to go independent?
· How did he resurrect the career of legend, Kool G Rap?
· Is actor, Amanda Bynes really spittin?
· What happened with the Cassidy deal?

· Are hip-hop radio stations corrupt? 
· How did lil Scrappy deal happen?
· Proper ways to deal with haters?
· What’s next for Chinga Chang Music?
· Tips for independent labels/artists?
· Is he looking for dope producers?

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